Rosemary Smoke Foux-Jito

For a while I have been thinking about starting a ‘Drinks’ section of the blog featuring some cocktails I have created, tried and enjoyed. Not to toot my own horn but after making us a pretty amazing cocktail while watching the Oscars yesterday I was inspired to finally start writing.


1 – Fresh rosemary sprig

2 parts – Tonic

1 part – Arehucas Guanche Honey Rum Liqueur

1 part – Chase Elderflower Liqueur 

1/2 part -Roses Sweeten Lime Juice

This is a pretty simple drink to make, for the rosemary smoke just take your spring and light the tip on fire, you are going to want to blow it out right away turn your glass upsize down and place your smoking rosemary sprig underneath. Keep the sprig and smoke trapped under the glass for about 2-3 min. While you wait place your other ingredients in a cocktail mixer and give it a good shake ( I kept the ice in the drink but it will be just as good severed without). Once your drink is mixed and your glass smoked pour the drink into the smoked glass (leaving the rosemary inside) lightly mix and enjoy. The rosemary will not add a lot in the way of flavor but will create a smokey herbal aroma while you are drinking it which almost makes you feel like you are having a cocktail next to a warm fire, Enjoy.

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