Vicent: Amsterdam in Andersonville

Vincent is a great little gem in Andersonville that is worth the trip north. It specializes in Dutch cuisine and is owned and operated by the same chef/owner as the excellent Home Bistro (HB) in Boystown.

I would definitely put them in the “winter food” category- the dinner here is good, but requires a bit of an adeventurous palette as dutch food can be a bit out of the ordinary.

We just tired the brunch for the very first time and was delighted to discover what can only be described as the ultimate hangover cure. The brunch menu features a nciely edited selection of egg and various types of meat together. Both dishes we ordered were decadent, with bold flavors and generous portions. In the “Dock Worker” (essentially a high-end Grand Slam), featured scrambled eggs, maple bacon, and pulled pork. There were lots of interesting things on the menu that I would absolutely want to come back and try.

I will say, the star of the show, however, were the drinks. They are absolutely spectacular. Hands down, the very best bloody marry I have ever had. Herbal, smokey, just the right spice, interesting and delicious. Perhaps best of all, they have several different kinds– we ordered the Cheesemonger (pictured), which for only $4 more came with a generous (and delicious) cheese board.

They are big on the herbals, many of their drinks feature raw market herbs as part of the mix, which brings a welcome element of surprise and variety. They also mix with a wonderful variety of liquors that you may not have had before like the incomparably delicious Hum liquor, produced here in Illinois and another revelation- Junipero Gin for Anchor Distilling in SF.

If nothing else, come sit at their lovely, dimly lit, bistro style bar and enjoy exploring the menu.

The staff here is top notch- very friendly and knowledgeable without being overbearing.




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