The Mystique of the Excessive Kitchen Gadget.

A conversation over sushi sparked a near battle over total excess vs. the must have for your modern (or dumpy, like mine) kitchen.  There never seems to be enough storage what with all the peelers, zesters,

corers, slicers, mandolins, mezzalunas, pastry cutters, various openers and closers, attachments, disks, et ceteras that have my drawers spilling out all over the house. ..

Totally useless or total must have?

The Smoking Gun.  (Williams Sonoma, $99)
Amazing—think about all the smoked cheeses, smoked meats, pasta sauces, veggies in the winter…!

Kitchen Blow Torch – awesome.  Crème Brulee. Crunchy toppings. My hair.

Avocado Cuber/slicer – unless you’re making guac for an army, can’t image this is more than a space/$ waster.  Still, my favorite is:

Nitrogen Tank (jealous).


Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer Attachments – The citrus juicer? The meat grinder (which I own)— I mean- really?Really, any fruit specific tool.  Pineapple corer/slicer/peeler (do you live in Hawaii?).  Strawberry huller.  Ice cream maker.

What do you think?  What kitchen gadget do you recognize is totally useless rationally but absolutely must have?