Finger Limes

So I recently came across an interesting fruit online called “Finger Limes” I have yet to try this elusive limes but they have become my latest food related obsession. Finger Limes are new to the United States and many people are just now learning what they are.  They were discovered in the Australian bush by the aborigines and domesticated about thirty years ago. Finger Limes are prized by chefs because the interior pulp has a caviar like appearance and a delightful lemony lime taste with a pop rock texture. Inventive chefs have already paired Finger Limes with seafood such as lobster medallions, on top of sushi, grilled salmon, and raw oysters. Finger Limes are also used in salads, cocktails, paired with persimmons, etc. There’s no end to the possibilities, from what I have heard the explosive bursts of lemony lime flavor provides a texture like no other.  I am now on a quest to find these, my hope is at the various local farmers markets. If so then I will be posting my experiences soon.


Grazingbears – Sam